BOOS HUMMEL & WEGERICH is a law firm with a focus on energy business law. Our focus on the energy sector enables us to advise you with an in-depth knowledge of this expanding and increasingly complex sector. The law firm was founded in March 2009 by Dr. Philipp Boos and Dr. Konrad Hummel. In early 2010 two further partners – Dr. Heidrun Schalle and Dr. Christine Wegerich – joined the law firm. Dr. Christine Wegerich left BH&W in 2022. David Steinbeck joined us in 2011. He was followed in 2012 by Ferdinand von Petz and by Dr. Wolf Templin in 2013. In September 2016 BH&W welcomed Dr. Pascal Heßler as further partner.
In 2016 we opened an office in Cologne with David Steinbeck and Dr. Pascal Heßler. In 2019 Dr. Nils Graßmann joined BH&W in Berlin. In 2021 we welcomed Veronique Joly-Mueller as a further partner.
Also in 2021 Ferdinand von Petz opened our third office location in Nuremberg. The Nuremberg office location provides our clients as well as network partners in South Germany with the possibility to reach us easier.

We regard a close personal contact to our clients as core value for our business. To underline the importance of such a personal and individual approach our legal advice is rendered exclusively by partners. Our in depth experience is your benefit.

Being a team of currently ten partners we provide you with individual solutions on basis of an up to date high legal standard. We keep a close relation with our clients and appreciate highly that we can rely on long lasting relations with the majority of our clients.We pursue a goal-oriented approach. Our advice is founded on the personal relation between us and our clients and our comprehensive experience of the energy industry sector.We strive to obtain solutions for our clients in constructive dialogues with other market participants such as energy utilities, customers or regulatory authorities. However, if required, we do not hesitate to pursue the interests of our clients in judicial proceedings.We have long-time experience in the conduct of judicial proceedings including proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof).We publish on a regular basis articles and contributions to actual energy law related topics.
The law firm BH&W is frequently recognized by law firm rankings such as Handelsblatt Best Lawyers, JUVE Handbook for Law Firms in Germany, brand eins Magazin for Business Law Firms.

Our clients are undertakings active in all parts of the energy sector`s value added chain.

A major part of our consultancy business is the provision of legal advice to municipalities and municipality owned public utility companies (Stadtwerke). Since we have taken up our legal advisory business we were consequently active in the interest of municipality owned public utility companies (Stadtwerke).

Another major part of our activities is the provision of legal advice to undertakings which took up their business upon the energy market`s liberalization. We support our clients such as power producer, energy supplier, commodity trader, grid and storage operator, energy consumer or owner of energy infrastructure projects. We advise also start-ups alongside their first steps in the energy market and render advice to undertakings which plan to enter the German energy market or extend their business on that market.

We provide legal advice to more than 300 municipality owned undertakings, cooperatives, municipalities, independent energy utilities, energy related service providers and associations of the energy branch.

In order to provide well-founded legal advice to our clients we avail ourselves of a wide range of personal contacts with experts of different professional backgrounds in the energy industry. We gladly assist you in providing you a team of consultants with a well known technical and/or economic expertise. We are naturally equally happy to cooperate with your experts.

We wish to highlight in partciular our steady and long-time co-operation with the energy consultants BET – Büro für Energiewirtschaft und technische Beratung GmbH. Most topics in the energy sector require an interdisciplinary approach. By virtue of our co-operation with BET – Büro für Energiewirtschaft und technische Beratung GmbH we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive and well-founded advice which takes the various technical and economic aspects of our mandates and projects adequately into account.